Aug 13, 2009

Sugar Shortage May Not Be So Bad

According to the media, sugar may be in short supply soon due to supply and demand, and the bad weather that areas where the world supply comes from. This leads to prices going up, and more.

While this may be a challenge for those in the food industry who make their money by baking sweet treats, adding sugar to drinks, and more, it may not be such a bad thing for the health of America.

While a little sugar now and then is not going to do much harm in my opinion, eating it in the large quantities that many do has numerous harmful affects including:
  • High's and lows in blood sugar levels cause havoc to the pancreas and organs that do the very hard work of balancing the glucose levels in the blood leading to disease like diabetes, hypoglycemia, and more.
  • Children who are given lots of sugary treats develop the problems mentioned above at early ages, and become hyperactive from the huge "hit" of energy that the body receives from the sugar in the blood....if there isn't a ready place for that energy to be used, your child may not be a pleasant person to be around.
Do I ever use sugar? Sure, a lot in the keep our hummingbird feeder full:-) The rest of the time we use Stevia or raw honey

On special occasions only we have cake, and we do occasionally have ice cream with no added sugar.
It's always best to seek out foods that are LOW in sugar...take it from a woman who's living with a husband who has struggled with Diabetes for years.

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Updated 3/21/16


  1. I totally agree with you about the "less sugar." There seems to be sugar in EVERYTHING and I know many people would be totally shocked to find out just what their sugar intake is on a daily basis--and that all adds up and turns into fat and other health-related issues. Great post Claudia!

  2. Thank you, Beverly, for stopping by...yes, it is shocking to see sugar intake statistics. If I was as active as the hummingbirds are that come to my feeder (the only thing I buy sugar for:-) eating a bit more may be okay because you burn it right up as energy and don't have to worry about the affect it has on blood sugar levels quite as much.

  3. A sugar shortage just might be a very good thing for the health of this country. Great observation.

  4. You are so right,Claudia. America would be a lot calmer and skinnier place to be with less sugar.

    I am trying to wean myself off of it, but I admit it isn't easy. It used to be a matter of watching my weight. Now, it's a health issue. I don't want to get adult onset diabetes.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

  5. The trouble with the food industry is that they will always find artificial alternatives. Many products that claim to be sugar free contain artificial sweeteners that are just as if not more harmful.

    There are many natural alternatives but they are probably shunned because they are more expensive. Health does not seem to count in the food industry when it comes to profits.