Nov 18, 2009

Dark Chocolate - Benefits During Pregnancy

Much has been said about the health benefits of dark chocolate...I have shared before how my grandfather was a chocolate lover, and even though back in his day, he was told he shouldn't eat it after having an ulcer, he did, and managed to live a long and wonderful life, until he was 97, in fact his birthday was or would have been last week. I don't recommend going against your doctors wishes if you're told not to eat chocolate, but more and more information is coming out about it's health benefits.

Now there is research that
dark chocolate for pregnancy may not be such a bad fact a GOOD thing. At Yale University a Dr. Elizabeth Triche did a study with the help of her colleagues and 2,291 pregnant women who gave birth between 1996 and 2000. One of the components of chocolate that can be tested in the umbilical cords of these women is the was found that the women who ate the most chocolate in their 1st and 2nd trimesters were less likely to develop pre-eclampsia. This study can be found in this months publication of the "Epidemiology" journal.

So, pregnant women, with your doctor's permission of course, you can indulge yourself in your favorite treat and be doing some good for your pregnancy...and Intentional Chocolate would like you to consider their high-quality brand. If you are eating it for health benefits, you want the quality to be exceptional! 

Updated 3/22/16

Thanksgiving Coming So Quickly!

Can Thanksgiving really be only a week and a day away? This year, for the first time, we are doing something different, we will be gathering as a family at a restaurant for dinner. Then to one of our homes for dessert after. It's going to be some ways it will make things easier for everyone, which is nice, in others, it will take away from some of the traditional dishes, but we'll make up for that on Christmas.

I have a huge turkey in my freezer, that will be cooked and enjoyed at home for the rest of the weekend, with leftovers to make soup. What I like to do with our soup, and some of our turkey, is freeze it to share with my mother. I take the soup and freeze it in a couple of medium sized Tupperware bowls. Then when I'm ready to take the soup to Mom, I remove the frozen-solid soup from the bowl and put it in a large zip-lock bag and take it to her home and her freezer.

Here are a few Thanksgiving posts from the past, I haven't done many, but the following includes a simple "leftovers" recipe and a link to another post on another blog:
What Do You Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers? (w/ recipe)

Updated 3/21/16

Nov 17, 2009

Rant about CHANGE in Breast Mammogram Guidelines

We were told CHANGE would come when the present administration was elected into office, and we've seen a lot of it. Today the big news is the CHANGE that the Federal government is looking to make in Mammogram guidelines, and if those changes come, you can be sure it's going to affect what is and isn't covered by your insurance company....and not for the better. I believe this is all part of what we have to look forward to with the present administration's "health care reform", it's just the beginning.

According to new guidelines woman from the age of 40-50 no longer need mammograms. How many of you know woman who are in their 40's, even in their late 30's that have had breast cancer? I can rattle off names in my head, and I'm sure you can too, some have survived thanks to early intervention, only one dear friend has not.

As for how often you should be examined after age 50, they say every other year. My doctor has encouraged me to go every year, but must admit I only go every other, if that. So that one I am not overly concerned about...but what about those who are at high-risk of getting breast cancer, will there be exceptions for them?

And wow, now we don't even have to do breast self-examinations! They are now considered to be useless!! Phew, what a relief not to have to worry about that one every month! Forgive the sarcasm, that is something I do quite regularly, as recently as this morning, who better than you woman reading this can know how your breasts are supposed to feel, and will be first to notice any change?

All of this, in my opinion, boils down to cutting back funding, in this case money needed to protect our health, in order to help make up for a small fraction of the trillions in bail-out money, etc. that has been thrown around for the past several months...and I'm afraid we're going to see more of it.

The American Cancer Society DOES NOT approve of the new guidelines, by the way, and I haven't included everything in this post.

I wonder how many blog posts today have referred to the Feds who made these decisions as "boobs"? I hope some of them, or those who were part of the "task force" reviewing this matter, have them, or have been touched personally by a family member or close friend who has had breast cancer, if not, they shouldn't be making our decisions for us.

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