Dec 13, 2009

5 Ways to Reduce Fat in Meat Dishes

If you enjoy eating meat, but want to cut down on the cholesterol building fat while you are preparing or cooking your meat, here are some tips for you. Most of them are not original or new, but good reminders:
  1. Ground meat - If I don't buy a lean ground beef or use ground sausage, I use it only for browning to make chili or sauces, not in meat loaf. When I brown, I either drain the fat in a small colander into a container, or our trash can if it is full and has paper in it to absorb the fat. If I am not using the same frying pan that I browned the meat in to prepare the dish in, I "tip" the pan by taking it part way off the burner or putting something under one side, then move the meat to the high end of the pan. The fat pools to one side, when I'm ready, I remove the meat and put into the rest of the recipe in another pan.
  2. Chicken - remove the skin, and all those yellow "globs" of can do this AFTER cooking if you like, as it will help retain moisture in the meat. I tend to do it before, then marinate the meat or baste with a little olive oil (a healthier fat) before seasoning.
  3. Beef - Buy it lean, and cut off all that extra white fat that is sometimes on a roast. I don't mind if the meat is a little marbled, but usually cook meat like this slowly in the crock pot as much of the fat goes out of the meat during cooking. My favorite cut is a very lean London Broil.
  4. Fish - generally the oils in fish are healthy, contain omega 3's 
  5. Turkey and Gravy - This is a hard to digest meat, but we love it during the holidays, pull as much of that fat that you find on either side of the opening of the cavity where some put stuffing away as you can. I cook in a cooking bag, and then save the juice. Put the juice in a large container in the refrigerator. The fat will harden on top when cold, and can be removed, thrown away, leaving you with a lean juice to make your gravy. 
Updated 3/22/16

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