Dec 8, 2009

Remembering Old Christmas Posts

Today as I was decorating our house for Christmas, and thinking about what to share on my blogs, I realized that this blog has been on the web for a few years, and a few Christmas seasons. This means that many of my older posts have become lost, in a way, so I thought I'd go see if I could find them and share links to them here. 
 Avoid Eating Healthy During the Holidays  
The Basis for a Healthy Cookie Recipe

It's the Season for Baking Cookies and Shortbread

If you visit the "Recipes" tag below this post, you may find some other recipes suitable for your Christmas dinner table.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas I took out the ornaments today, it seemed like just a short time had passed since I'd put them away last year. Wishing you all the best, and I am sure we'll have more Christmas posts before the big day arrives in only a bit over two weeks!

Updated 3/22/16

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