Jan 29, 2010

Restaurant Nutrition Guides

Last week we were out of town on business and found ourselves eating at a few different restaurants. My husband is a Diabetic, and we should be watching what we eat, but it's hard when you're on the road...everything on the menu is so tempting. Yes, many restaurants are taking care to have items on the menu that are healthy choices, but I've often wondered if there are ways to plan ahead.

SO, I did a little search today to see I could find a few sites that list restaurants, and offer their nutrition guides...and here's what I found...hope these will be as helpful to you as they are to me:

Diabetes Daily Restaurant Nutrition Guides
Restaurant Nutrition Facts at dietfacts.com (a huge list!)

These two lists alone should be adequate if you want to plan ahead, and have a good idea of what foods are available when you're vacationing or on the road.

Updated 3/22/16

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