Jan 13, 2010

You Can Still Eat Salt, Just Use...

...Sea Salt. And eat it in moderation. Sea Salt still has all the minerals intact and rather than raise blood pressure tends to keep it stable, or some say even lower it a bit. The problem with table salt is that all the good minerals have been removed from it, and the salt goes through a bleaching process.

This is another case in which something in it's natural form, within reason, is better for you than what you may be buying in your supermarket. It is great to see that a few companies, most notably some of the companies that make soup, are changing over to sea salt rather than "regular" salt.

2400 milligrams of sodium is the recommended daily amount (RDA) that should be consumed, less than a teaspoonful.

Excess salt causes the body to retain water because the kidneys are not able to keep up, and increases pressure on the circulatory system, increasing blood pressure. 

Updated 3/22/16

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  1. Thanks for the info momma I have been thinking about buying sea salt because the in laws gargle with it nightly to prevent the flu so I figure maybe I should buy some now I definitely will! They also say before you u gargle with it dip your finger in the saltwater and rub it inside your nose... IDK What that last part is about but whatever lol....