Apr 14, 2010

Kitchen Staging and Home Buyer Tax Credit

To many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and has a big affect on the value of the home. If you love cooking, you will see "you" all over the room...the appliances you like to cook with, the dishes you like and so much more.

But when you are planning to move, some of what makes the kitchen home to you will need to be removed, so that it looks like what I like to compare with an empty canvas, ready for a new home owner to come in and paint with their own likes.  Because the home buyer tax credit offered right now may not be available after the end of this month, more people than usual are looking at homes to buy, or selling their homes, so they can take advantage of the credit. An $8000 credit is a nice sum of money, my daughter purchased her home recently and was able to take advantage of this special tax credit.

How can you prepare your kitchen? Here are a few home staging tips for your kitchen if you are selling your home right now:
  • Remove Clutter - remove everything possible from your counter tops and any visible surface.  Pack it, if you can, because you are planning to move, so why not get started?  This will make your kitchen appear larger, especially if it is a small one like ours, and cleaner.  If appropriate, a basket or bowl of fruit or vase of flowers may be a nice touch.
  • Clean, clean, clean - make sure all surfaces are clean, all kitchen cabinets doors are clean, in our case I have oak cabinets and would go over all of them with lemon oil to give them a good cleaning and because it is good for the wood.  Do whatever is best for the surface you have in your home.  Clean the inside and outside of appliances you will be leaving behind.
  • Repairs - Are all the doors on your cabinets hanging properly?  Closing tightly? Tighten hinges that need it.  Are all door knobs present?  Would new door knobs or hinges improve the look of the cabinets?  Look over everything that you will be leaving behind in the kitchen when you move and make sure it is in good repair.
  • Walls and Ceilings - If you have neglected your home for a while, these surfaces may need repainting, new wallpaper, or whatever is necessary to bring them up to date and make them look pleasing to the eye.
With the spring season upon us and warmer weather in the northeast, and the special tax credit available, many more are looking at homes than usual, so be ready, and I wish you the best in selling your home, or purchasing a new one! 

Updated 3/21/16

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