Apr 18, 2010

Sea Salt is Better For Your Heart

We have been using only sea salt for the past 3-4 years, because it is so much better for you. Sea salt contains many minerals in it that occur naturally as it forms in the ocean. Standard table salt, sodium chloride, does not contain these minerals, is very refined, and sometimes only has iodine added which aids in preventing goiter, a thyroid condition.

My husband has been told to avoid added salt in his diet because of blood pressure. In my reading, I've found that Sea Salt, or some of you may refer to it as salt sea, contains minerals that help to compensate for the negative affect that can happen if you use regular table salt, also known as sodium chloride. Among the minerals sea salt contains is calcium, magnesium and potassium...potassium and magnesium are both so important to proper pumping action of the heart...and potassium acts as a diuretic, compensating sodium chlorides tendency to hold water in the body tissues. I don't notice any difference between the flavors of the two salts, sea salt adds nice flavor, but in spite of all the claims, we still use it lightly. I have been doing some more reading that indicates that you can get a low sodium form of sea salt, and will be doing a little more research on this, curious to know how you can reduce the sodium in sea salt and keep all those good minerals. 

Updated 3/22/16

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