May 17, 2010

Time to Watch my Culinary Herbs Grow

I do love this time of year, the winter was cold and harsh, dramatic weather in the spring with much snow then much rain and flooding, but now all is green and beautiful. So is the changing of the life, there are ups and downs.

If I were to judge how things were over the winter for my gardens, I'd have to say they were happy, as the plants have all come up healthy and are thriving with little help from me so far. Let me share a few of the culinary herbs in my garden this year.

 Lemon Balm


Actually all three of the plants above are from the mint family, this is why they like to take over the area of the garden they are growing in.  They are hearty and tolerate fairly harsh conditions, like relatively poor soils, heat, and drought within reason. I also had Catnip which is in the same family.  

They are so easy to grow, and each has a unique way of enhancing your dishes or beverages. For example, what Italian sauce is complete without some Oregano? And my Iced Tea in the summer just isn't the same if I don't take a sprig of Mint, clean it of the little bugs that enjoy it, then roll it between my hands to release the aromatic and flavorful oils then put in my steeping pot of tea or "sun tea" jar.  Lemon Balm has a lemony flavor, I enjoy it on a few things, like seafood.  Catnip tea is calming, and a lot of fun if you own cats!

There is another article about hard-to-kill herbs and plants at Weeds and Seed Swap .

Updated 3/22/16

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