Aug 14, 2010

Children Back to School in the Heat & Health

Since the children in our State don't head back to school until shortly after Labor Day, it is such a surprise to see that children are actually back in school in some states...this is especially difficult for those in States that are experiencing record heat. I love the idea of fitness, but hope that care is being taken not to overdo it, keep hydrated if you must go out and exercise, but if it is really hot, it is best not to risk exercise since there is no way to be 100% certain of the physical health of each child.

Fitness and diet is important, however, and we've looked at the topic more than a few times, here are some posts from the past that are just as relevant now as they were when first typed:

  1. Weight Management for Children and Teens
  2. School Lunch Programs and Your Children
  3. You Are Responsible for How Your Children Eat
Here's to a happy and healthy school year for your children, whether they have already started, or still have a few weeks of summer vacation left.  I hope you've enjoyed your children...I know that it's easy to look forward to the day they go back to school after a long summer...but I'm at the point in life where my children are grown, and what I heard while I was raising my children is true, you do miss them when they grow up! 

Updated 3/22/16

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