Sep 26, 2010

New Place for Shopping Ethnic Foods Online

Our local food store allows you to order your food online, and have it delivered for a fee, and for a bit more money, they will come to the house and deliver it for you...but now I have been introduced to a site that has lower flat rate shipping than what I am paying to pick up my groceries, and free shipping in the US if the order is over $75...and who of us spends less than that in a week? 

Of course, I don't see some of the perishables that we are used to, but the site makes up for it by having some of the harder-to-find foods that I've been looking for in our super market, international foods from places like Indonesia, Japan, China, Asia India and more. And it also has the everyday American foods we are accustomed too as well. There are thousands of foods, and they claim that the selection is growing daily. I'm going to be taking an even closer look at this site after I'm finished typing this, maybe you are interested in doing some online grocery shopping too, if so, let's take a look together!

This is great not only for the working person, but for those who for physical reasons cannot get out easily and shop, or those who live in cities and do not drive but use mass transit to get around, or just because, like myself, you like to shop online.  They even ship internationally.

Whether you chose to use the link above, or browse or search below, shopping for foods online is a great way to fill your pantry. 

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