Sep 29, 2010

Organic Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door

"Organic" seems to be the theme of my posts today, and I have found another great source for completely organic diet meals delivered to your door. As you know, I have tried NutriSystem a couple of times now, and though I have lost weight with the program, the foods are not all that a person who loves organic food would want them to be.

And what about the person who needs to avoid gluten? Watch the labels on the prepared foods for some of the popular weight loss programs, as many products contain gluten not only because it is naturally occurring in the food, but it is ADDED to some foods. You can visit the link to find samples of gluten free meals offered at the site I've been looking at today. 
Updated 3/25/16

The thing that attracted me the most was the idea of having healthy meals delivered each Friday, weekly, and the prices start at about $8 and change per meal. What a wonderful and  reasonable luxury...having someone else prepare your healthy organic meals for you.  It's also a great way to lose weight for the person on the go who doesn't have time to cook healthy meals for themselves.

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  1. Wow, Claudia! It's been a couple weeks since this post, what's your feedback so far of the organic meals? Btw, great site I just stumbled on it...kudos!