Sep 23, 2010

Routine Medical Exams: Are You Up to Date?

I'm on a "mission" of sorts to get my medical tests and exams finished before the end of the year, and the start of Fall means we are in the last quarter. I am insured under my husband's insurance policy, pretty close to reaching the deductible for the year, so it seems wise to get all the tests suggested by my doctor finished before we start a new year, and new deductible due. I am in my late 50's...hard to believe, but it's true, and before 2010 is over, making sure I get my:

  • Routine Physical - done
  • Skin cancer screening - done
  • Mammogram - done
  • Gynecological - this week
  • Colonoscopy (least favorite test...prep "stinks" but the procedure is easy) - date set for early next month - had polyp the last time so have to have one every 3 years until none show, then can wait the usual 5 years.
  • "Bonus" test - Echo Cardiogram - I think that's what it's called - an ultrasound of the heart to check on possible mitral-valve prolapse, and general "look-around" in abdomen while they're at it.
That should do it for this year, barring the unexpected.  It's important as years go by to make sure you keep up with your physicals and the extra tests needed, I used to avoid them, but it's always worth it when something is found that will prevent you from future health issues...or when something is found early enough to cure. 

Updated 3/22/16

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