Jan 19, 2011

Learning About Foods By Trying them Free

I just finished typing a post about saving on groceries, and then came upon a site that gives you the opportunity to try things for free. This can be helpful if you are interested in learning about a food or kitchen item, but don't want to spend the money until you know more. I noticed there were offers, at least at the time I am typing this, for free Magic Grip Jar Openers; free Fiber Plus Cereal; free samples from Gerber and also free Enfamil samples for new mothers; free Men's Health Guides; free french fries and the list goes on and on.

Can I suggest something? When you visit sites like this, don't just go through the list and get anything that you see for free...get things that interest you, or you will overwhelm the party that is giving away free things. You are not likely to try something that doesn't interest you once you receive it anyway. I remember once I was offering free stuff and there was simply no way I could provide for all the people that contacted me, but I am not a large company either. 

Updated 3/28/16

I love the idea of free trials when it comes to helping people decide whether a product is something they would like to use in the future.


  1. We usually get lot of useful information regarding the food by trying them in the free of cost therefore that would be very much beneficial for all of us.

  2. I am totally agree with you such that we can try different types of the food and fruits while shopping for them .and that would be the best option to get that.