Jan 22, 2011

Find Spring Fed Water Sources Near You

Over 30 years ago, my husband and I lived in Haledon, NJ, not far from a source of spring water. All residents of the Town had access with a key given only to residents by the Town to this source of water. It was just around the corner from us, so we went regularly and filled bottles full of delicious drinking water. It was so very much better than the chlorinated tap water we had at the time.  I'm not sure whether they still offer this service to residents of Haledon, but it was a wonderful thing while we were living there.

There is a site that tells you, by state, where to find sources of spring water near you called findaspring.com - you can look at the "Springs by Region" tab along the top and find the spring water source closest to you...in and in some regions outside of the United States.

You can also add a spring to the site if you know of one near you that is not listed on the map. 

Updated 3/288/16

Sources of good spring drinking water are hard to come by, so treasure it if you find one!

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