Apr 9, 2011

Mouth-Watering Meals Using Campbells Recipes

Many years ago, I had a Campbells soup recipe cookbook that I loved. It got miss-placed, and I was so excited when one was available at a garage sale I went to. It had so many easy and delicious recipes using various soups by Campbells. I was working out of the home at the time, and loved the crock pot recipes that were so easy to make and tasted so good when the soup suggested in the recipe was added.

That was before the internet and home computers...and now computers that you carry around with you in your cell phones. Now I can find these mouth-watering Campbells recipes online so easily. I just visited the link I shared, and must have the slow cooker chicken with dumplings recipe I saw using a Campbells soup in it before the the cool weather leaves us here in the Northeast. I tend to think winter and crock pots go together, though that's not necessarily so, as using them does not heat up the kitchen as much in the summer. They are great times savers and it's so nice to come home to a home-cooked meal ready to eat after a long day of work.

There were many casserole recipes, another way to cook that is quick...a number of the casseroles I make can be cooked in the microwave. Then there are the budget Campbells recipes, who doesn't live on a budget these days? I know I do. Even the soups alone are a great meal on a budget, popular flavors in the USA being Campbells Tomato, which I love with a grilled cheese sandwich; Cream of Mushroom which is in my personal opinion one of the most common soups used in casseroles and similar dishes, and Chicken Noodle Soup.

It was great to be given the opportunity to write about Campbells Recipes, both because it brought back many memories and provided me a source to find some old favorite recipes online.  I found over 20 Casserole recipes, about 20 budget recipes from Campbells, 20 main course recipes (I am feeling very hungry about now looking through these recipes!), and some new pork chop recipes to try.  My husband will be happy about that, he loves pork chops, but I've been cooking them the same way for a long time. 

Updated 3/28/16

I'm excited!  Can't wait to try some of these easy meals.

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