May 20, 2011

Genetically Engineered or Modified (GMO) Foods

Genetically altered foods are something I've heard a lot about, but not taken as seriously as I should. For me, there is nothing like taking time to look into something in order to write about it to open my eyes to things I haven't seen before. And that's just what happened to me this week.

I am still learning how best to put into scientific words what all of this is about, but generally, it is altering the characteristics of an organism by injecting it's DNA with genes or other properties(?) from another organism. This tampering with the natural structure of, for example, corn or soy beans, common foods that are altered in this way, is naturally of concern to those of us who want to eat foods as close to the way God created them as we can in our tainted environment.

Updated 3/29/16

I went into greater detail on this at another page, with compelling videos and more links to sites that are passionate about the subject at Non-GMO or GMO Free Food List and Information Sources. I invite you to take time to read it for your health's sake, and am open to input if I have incorrectly stated anything.