Jun 21, 2011

I always had good Blood Pressure..what happened?

My last physical revealed that, for the first time in my life, I had borderline high blood pressure. What happened? Where did I go wrong? I've always prided myself in having good blood pressure. 130 to 140 over 70 were standard readings for me. In fact at my physical a few years ago, my doctor said that for my age my blood pressure was really good. Okay, so the "at your age" part didn't thrill me, but knowing that my blood pressure was good did.

That all changed during my last physical. There are many factors. My weight was a little bit more, but my BP has been good at this weight. There has been a great increase in stress...big time...over the past several years, maybe that is catching up with me? My diet is pretty good, but maybe there are things I need to address in the diet. Here are a list of things that I'm doing, and if you happen to be reading, and know of other things that I could do, please feel free to comment.
  • I don't use regular salt, but sea salt...in moderation...yes, even though it's supposed to be better because it has extra trace minerals that counter the affect of sodium's affect of blood pressure, they aren't quite enough that you can use sea salt freely.
  • I'm taking off extra weight
  • I'm trying to walk more...used to do that so regularly, and have been "bad" about that recently
  • Stress...well that usually shoots me over the top, to the point that I get broken blood vessels in my eye. I can't do much about sudden stressful circumstances, like when my dear husband has a health emergency, family emergencies, any emergency...but I can do something about thoughts about all the worries "in between" emergencies.  I've downloaded an audio bible and put it in my MP3 player to listen to, as well as inspirational music.  Filling that void when I'm alone with prayer and uplifting things should help.
  • I'm evaluating my supplements.  I've read some information on Magnesium, and want to research more about blood pressure lowering herbs.  In fact, if you'd like a fact sheet about one that I'm going to try, please let me know.
  • MOST IMPORTANT, take my blood pressure occasionally at different times...morning, early afternoon, evening...keep a record and share it with my doctor, as well as watch for improvements by keeping a Blood Pressure Diary.
  • Consider the DASH Diet, it seemed to help me manage mine when I was on it. 
Updated 3/29/16

Jun 5, 2011

From Food Pyramid to Choose My Plate

I was pleased to see the new food pyramid...I mean circle...actually it's a plate. I have always felt the food pyramid was too complicated for many.  Looking at a simple plate, with portion amounts shown on the plate in colors is appealing to the eye, and easy to understand...even for children.

When I used to meet with people for consultations, for years, I would do something very similar.  When explaining how much of each food group they should eat, I would say to look at your plate, this much should be meat, this much grains, etc., and would draw a diagram to explain. Now this simple concept is being used by the USDA. Since I'm not sure whether the image is copyrighted, may I invite you to visit the USDA ChooseMyPlate page for more information.

Updated 3/29/16

If you are interested in portion control dishes, which are used by many for weight loss or weight management, please visit this page for Portion Control Meal Measuring Dishes.