Jun 5, 2011

From Food Pyramid to Choose My Plate

I was pleased to see the new food pyramid...I mean circle...actually it's a plate. I have always felt the food pyramid was too complicated for many.  Looking at a simple plate, with portion amounts shown on the plate in colors is appealing to the eye, and easy to understand...even for children.

When I used to meet with people for consultations, for years, I would do something very similar.  When explaining how much of each food group they should eat, I would say to look at your plate, this much should be meat, this much grains, etc., and would draw a diagram to explain. Now this simple concept is being used by the USDA. Since I'm not sure whether the image is copyrighted, may I invite you to visit the USDA ChooseMyPlate page for more information.

Updated 3/29/16

If you are interested in portion control dishes, which are used by many for weight loss or weight management, please visit this page for Portion Control Meal Measuring Dishes.

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