Jan 13, 2012

Help for Headlight Glare and Vision Problems

Just last week I ordered glasses online just in case something should happen to the progressive lens eyeglasses I already have.  I got one pair just for distance and another pair for reading.  I did this because I have a distance prescription from my new optometrist, and an unchanged older one for reading from my previous optometrist.  

When ordering online, it can be fun at some of the sites as sometimes you can upload your photo and "try on" the glasses, not only to see how they look, but to see how the size looks on your face.  It is helpful if not necessary to have the PD number from the prescription your eye doctor writes...and make sure he or she includes it.  That's the distance between the pupils when looking straight ahead and not focused on anything.

What I was most pleased about for the distance glasses, which will be used as my sunglasses with the clip-ons I ordered, is the anti-glare coating.  It is said to help with glare when having photos taken, but I'm more excited about the help it may be when driving at night.  I have so much trouble with oncoming headlights, especially the bright ones they have now. I don't even like to drive at night, and hope that this will improve things at least a little bit.  

Updated 4/1/16

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  1. I did get these glasses this week, and am pleased. They are thicker because I paid for the lowest option as far as lenses, but not too heavy, and the prescriptions are perfect. I wear progressive lenses for my everyday glasses that I purchased with insurance through my optomotrist, but now I have a pair of both distance and reading to get me by should something happen to my every-day glasses. I'm pleased:-)