Feb 7, 2012

February is National Heart Month

It's National Heart Month again, when some of us show our love with heart-shaped Valentines on Valentines day, and all of us should be thinking about heart health.

This blog has been around long enough that we have done quite a few posts about the heart, here are the links to our heart posts, we hope you "heart", or love them, and love yourself by caring for your heart:

Women and Heart Disease
I Always Had Good Blood Pressure, What Happened?
Sea Salt is Better for Your Heart
My Husband's Heart Attack Part 1

My Husband's Heart Attack Part 2

My Husband's Heart Attack Part 3

Hubby Goes to the Heart Doctor (2 yrs later)
ORAC - Free Radicals and the Heart

Heart Attacks and Women part 1

Heart Attacks and Women part 2

Anger and Heart Health

The Connection Between the Heart and the Tomato

You'll notice I mention my husband, his heart is still ticking, thankfully, but not in rhythm, but that is a post for another day.  Take care of your heart, and if you are a diabetic like my husband, keep your blood sugar in check...so important! 

Updated 4/1/16

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