Apr 17, 2012

National Salt Reduction Initiative

The National Salt Reduction Initiative or NSRI originated with the New York City Health Department in 2008 and now includes the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association, the American Public Health Association and many other health organizations throughout the United States.

Their emphasis, as the title implies, is to increase awareness of how much salt we consume and how much sodium is in our foods.  It is to encourage consumers to look at sodium quantity on food labels and be aware of salt content in foods eaten in restaurants.

The US models their campaign after one that Europe already has in place. Click the title, "Strategies to Improve Intake of Sodium in the United States", to download the pdf eBook of the same title.

Lives are saved by eating within safe limits when it comes to sodium. When you look at a nutrition label on a food product, the amount of sodium is always going to appear high, sodium is one of the nutrients that we can use more of than others. How much salt is recommended in our diet or too much in our diet each day? Generally, between 2000 and 2300 milligrams is a safe amount of sodium to consume in one day.

Updated 4/11/16

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