May 18, 2012

How to Find Black Garlic and Recipes

We just finished a post about growing garlic in containers, and while exploring, found interesting information about black garlic, something I was not familiar with.

While there are varieties of garlic, like Allium nigrum that are naturally black in appearance when they grow, the black garlic we are focusing on is made from the garlic cloves and bulbs that we are familiar with. It is a popular ingredient in Asian foods. But just what is it?

Garlic as we know it is called "black garlic" when it has gone through a high-temperature fermentation process. It's origin is Korea, and it is slowly gaining in popularity in high-end restaurants in the United States.

In looking for sources for recipes, I found a few, one site had several black garlic recipes for you to try and enjoy.

Purchasing black garlic may be another challenge for you depending upon where you live, but you can mail-order it easily. There are very few manufacturers that provide black garlic in the United States, but you can find black garlic right here

Updated 4/3/16 ~ Image Credit: Pixabay

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