Jul 11, 2012

Barbecuing on our Weber Grill

During our years of marriage, my husband and I went through many a barbecue grill.  We started out using small table top Hibachi grills.  Then we purchased a larger charcoal grill. We tried all kinds of methods for lighting the grill, putting the coals in metal coffee cans as a chimney with the bottom cut out and vents cut into the side, and other things.  In time we moved on to a gas grill to save time, a used one that we got from a friend.

Then finally, several years ago when we got a bit of an inheritance, one thing we purchased was our first really nice Weber grill.  My husband had always wanted one, knowing that a Weber was about the best grill you could purchase.  During the warmer months we use it constantly, and it always starts quickly and easily and requires minimal care.  It has never given us a problem.   Here's a little picture of our grill in use on Father's Day when my son, daughter and her husband were at the house for dinner and brought deliciously seasoned steak and chicken breasts to be grilled.

Updated 4/3/16

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