Oct 25, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness and Food

We are, or should be, preparing for Hurricane Sandy here in the northeast.  It's track shows that it will hit my home state in a very big way starting Monday through Tuesday with heavy winds, rain and who knows what else since the storm scenario is unprecedented.

If things materialize as predicted, many who are have just recovered from Irene last year followed by the only snowstorm we had on Halloween weekend will be facing similar if not worse conditions again.  I hope not, but just in case, we are preparing.

We are making sure that we have plenty of drinking water in the house, as well as a large container of water for cooking.  We are making sure our generator works which we used to keep our freezer working the last time...it's a small generator.  The wood we purchased a few weeks ago will keep us warm as we have a wood stove, but if you do not have a wood stove you may want to consider alternate heat sources.

FOOD, consider what you have in your freezer and use up things that will go bad quickly now.  Buy non-perishable foods and drink to last for up to a week if not longer depending upon where you are.  Widespread power outages are expected.

noaa.gov has put together a great collection of Hurricane Brochures to help you with preparedness and provides other information about Hurricanes.  Now, lets prepare for the worst out of Hurricane Sandy, but hope and pray for the best.

Updated 4/3/16

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