Nov 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Our Refrigerator Freezer

We have been catching up on so many things after having a 10 day power outage due to the devastating super storm that came through the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy. After the outage, we were wondering whether we might need an Appliance Repair service for our freezer, here's the story.

For part of the 10 day power outage, we were able to keep our refrigerator/freezer going with a small generator that we had purchased several years ago to run the sound system at our daughters outdoor wedding.  But it was only able to keep up so much, and then for the last 2-3 days stopped working.  This lead to my having to cook all the meats in our freezer in stews and soups as they thawed so as not to waste them.  We also had to throw away quite a bit of food.

When the power came back on, so did the now-almost-empty refrigerator/freezer.  Our freezer has an ice maker and a door ice dispenser.  When it had finished making a full supply of ice, my husband went to get some ice from the dispenser, and nothing happened.  Any number of things can happen to cause this, and sometimes a repair man is needed.  We have also noticed that the refrigerator seems as though it is not as cold as it used to be.

We did manage to unblock the ice dispenser ourselves, but it's good to know that you can find helpful appliance repair services online if you need them.  I hope all of you affected by hurricane Sandy have made, or will continue to make full recoveries from the experience.


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