Dec 10, 2012

Possible Promising HIV Cancer Cure

Many of us were amazed to hear exciting reports claiming that a modified safe form of the HIV virus has been used to treat and cure cancer, in particular, Leukemia.

 It is almost too good to be true, a remedy that has side affects no worse than what the body would experience fighting off a bad infection appears to be working in the lab and in the patients that have been treated on a trial basis.

Those that did the research have not been able to get funds from the National Cancer Inst. or pharmaceutical companies that they have contacted, but have been able to get funds from The Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy in order to do their research. Though only 3 have been given the new experimental treatment, the results are nothing short of remarkable.

You can read a detailed report in this New England Journal of Medicine article. Hopefully this will encourage funding for more research.

As with all new reports of cancer cures, more study must be done, and time must pass to see the long-term affects and results of the HIV cancer treatment.

Updated 4/3/16

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