Dec 10, 2012

What Kind of Kitchen Counter Surface do You Like?

When you dream of replacing the counter tops in your kitchen, what do you picture? The practical surface that comes to my mind is a stone surface, as it will last for years. Quite a few years ago, we redid our kitchen, and did so with the old style surface that is easily marred with a knife during those times when I or other members of the family are too lazy to take out a cutting board and cut on the counter surface. It is times like this when quartz worktops or a granite counter top would be a perfect solution.

 We are torn right now between doing a little fixing up and selling our home or doing more extensive work and staying put. It is a decision being forced by the fact that retirement years are closing in on us. Though I don't live in the UK, the site in the earlier link did provide me with some affordable ideas. I did learn a bit about the different types of granite and stone. And I do think that doing a simple thing like replacing the counter tops in the kitchen would be a good thing to do whether we move or stay put.  It adds value to the home, and pleasure while preparing meals.

Yes, I do think an upgrade of our kitchen counter top is going to happen in the near future.


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