Nov 6, 2013

Simple Alaska Salmon Loaf and Patties Recipe

What a shock it was to me to read the label on my can of Salmon a couple of weeks back and find that it was NOT Alaskan Salmon.  I've made it a point to buy Salmon from Alaska only, but was lured by a lower price, and according to the label, the Salmon came from a location outside the United States.  I have been doing my best to shop locally, and to think about where the things I buy that are not local come from. 

My husband was also able to get local Salmon when young by taking part in an interesting experience with his Dad in Colorado. As a boy when his father worked for the Forest Service, in order to preserve the population of Salmon, at that time they would go to the destination of Salmon returning home in mass to lay their eggs, and capture the Salmon and harvest the eggs.  I honestly don't recall the destination of the eggs after that.  They would then bring some of the Salmon home after and fill their freezer to supplement their diet.  This was also good, healthy, local salmon. 

But we don't live in Alaska, and there are no local Salmon runs where we live, so last week my weekly purchase of Salmon was carefully chosen, and from Alaska.  Salmon is such a healthy fish rich in nutrients including Omega 3 fish oils, and isn't a fish that is likely to contain mercury as it is not from the sea. 

BUT YOU ARE HERE FOR A RECIPE, aren't you?  I have a simple one for you. 

The ingredients are the same, whether you choose to shape this into a loaf and bake or microwave it, or whether you choose to fry it in a pan that is lightly oiled, I use a very light coating of Olive Oil.

You can feed about 3 with one can of Salmon, double the recipe for a family of 6 etc..

You need:

  • 1 Can of Salmon (drain, and remove only the large vertebra bones..if you are brave enough, eat them, they contain lots of natural calcium.  The smaller bones can be mixed in with the recipe.)
  • 1/3 cup of Wheat Germ 
  • 1 Egg
  • 1/8 cup chopped onion
  • 1/8 cup chopped green pepper
  • 1/4 t. dried Dill Weed
Combine all of the ingredients well, and shape into loaf OR patties, depending upon how you choose to serve this.  If you make a loaf, sprinkle the top with Dill Weed.

If you microwave, use a glass pan, and the time will be approximately 15 minutes for the 1 can quantity.

If you cook as patties, cook until cooked through.

You can serve with a simple tarter sauce of mayonnaise mixed with relish.

And a's an old post I found while reviewing posts to this blog that is a great recipe for a happy life!

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Oct 10, 2013

Are You Still Living with a Dysfunctional Gallbladder?

I was looking back at old posts to this blog, and discovered that one of my very first posts was about flushing stones from the gallbladder, something I did for years, and then my experience with gallbladder surgery.  

The gallbladder has much to do with food as it has a role in aiding in the digestion of certain foods, especially fats.

First, it was humbling to see how many years had gone by since my first post to this blog..where does the time go? 

The picture you see in this post shows actual gallstones that I flushed from my gallbladder, if you'd like to read my story, click this link which will lead you to both of my stories, one about cleansing the gallbladder, and the other about what gallbladder surgery is like...from my personal experience...with a bit of sarcasm and a smile.

Don't worry, the links will open up new pages so you don't lose this one.

Personal copyrighted may use it if you provide a link back to this page.

Jul 24, 2013

Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Guides

I live in the Northeast, and though I'm aware of what seasonal vegetables and fruits are available in some cases because they are growing in my garden, or in containers on my deck (pictured...the plants are MUCH bigger now!) other delightful local fruits and vegetables are yet to ripen and be at their peak.

Blueberries are ripe for the picking now and into August.  I have already picked early tomatoes, cucumbers and basil...early as opposed to last year when the season started much earlier due to a very warm Winter and Spring.  Farmers Markets in the area are open for business, and it is a wonderful time to be enjoying foods harvested locally.

Updated 4/12/16

If you would like to find a complete guide of what is in season in your area, has done a nice job of putting guides together by region for us to use and enjoy.  They call them "Regional Produce Seasonality Guides".

May 15, 2013

E - H Restaurant Menu and Nutrition Fact Guides

In this post I'm picking up from where we left off with links to more menus and nutrition guides to popular family restaurants and fast food eateries.  It isn't a comprehensive list, but I'm happy to add more restaurants if one you are looking for is missing, just contact me through a comment.

I decided to collect this information for myself due to my struggle with lactose intolerance.  I have some of the most common places we eat saved to my tablet which comes with me everywhere I go for quick reference.  When my husband and I decide we'd like to go to dinner somewhere, I look through the nutrition facts for those items on the menu that contain dairy and plan my meal before we go.  It saves me having to ask hundreds of questions at the restaurant.

So, we did a list of Restaurants from A - D, now we pick up on those from E - H, and as always, contact me in a comment if the restaurant you are looking for is not listed:

Fridays (T.G.I. Fridays) Nutrition Information pdf

Friendly's Nutrition and Allergy Menu Info. 

Fuddruckers Nutrition

Golden Corral Menu
Golden Corral Allergens List (provided by Branson Golden Corral, but may apply to all)

Houlihan's Menu
Houlihan's Nutrition Information

Updated 4/12/16  
I'll be back soon to add more restaurant menus and allergy nutrition guides.


Apr 29, 2013

GMO Foods May Decline Naturally

GMO foods or foods altered with genetically modified organisms may make a natural decline. We love foods in their natural state, and seeing news like this is exciting, because it reminds us that when man tries to do something to disrupt the natural course of nature, there are consequences. God created the earth with a natural order, and we've been turning it upside down in so many ways for hundreds and thousands of years.  With technology our ability to wreak havoc has increased in pace. We truly are our own enemies. 

Following is a short paragraph from an email I received today: "While consumers fight for labeling, and activists publicize the adverse health effects of consuming genetically engineered food, it looks like the genetically engineered seed industry may be taken down by the most powerful force of all: economics. 

"Some U.S. farmers are considering returning to conventional seed after increased pest resistance and crop failures resulted in smaller yields globally for GMO crops compared to their non-GMO counterparts. 

"Farmers in the U.S. pay about $100 more per acre for GM seed. Many have begun questioning 'whether they will continue to see benefits from using GMs," according to Farmers Weekly - 2/6/13. 

"Countries around the world that do not use GM seed are outperforming U.S. Farmers." 

Updated 4/12/16

For much more on the GMO issue, visit You will also find a link to free a GMO Free Food List and app plus info and opinions from people on both sides of the issue at GMO Free or Non-GMO Food Lists and Information Sources.

Apr 20, 2013

How to Find my Allergy Relief Posts

The trees are putting out lots of pollen in our area, as well as the flowers, and grassesPersonally, I am most sensitive to tree pollens. 

If you are looking for the posts on allergies on this site, visit this allergies link which will take you to a few that I have written, which will further lead you to other helpful articles.

You will also find allergy articles I have written at this link on Weeds and Seeds Swap.

I hope you are enjoying a healthy and happy Spring.

My Recipe for Kombucha Tea

Though Kombucha, a fermented tea drink, can be purchased pre-made, it is very easy to make Kombucha at home.  I've had a taste for it recently, and it's been a while since I've brewed some.  I'd like to share my recipe for Kombucha Tea with you, and then provide you a link to a longer article I wrote on the subject, including it's health benefits and where to get a Scoby, mother of Kombucha or mushroom, whatever title you'd like to use for the starter.

Here is what you will need to begin:

  • A large glass jar...I use an old pickle jar - clean very well
  • Water 
  • 10-12 tea bags - you can use black tea and/or green tea to start, and get more exotic as you learn 
  • 1 cup of sugar - "food" for the bacteria that ferment the brew 
  • 1/4 cup Kombucha from previous brew or a few T. of white vinegar
  • Stainless Steel or glass pot for boiling water - must be stainless steel or glass 
  • Plastic, wood or stainless steel stirring utensil
  • Coffee Filter
  • Rubber Band


  • Put water in pot 
  • Boil water for 5 - 10 minutes, turn off heat 
  • Add tea bags and brew for 1/2 hour 
  • Remove tea bags, cover pan, and cool overnight, or long enough so at room temperature 
  • Pour into your very-clean, large glass jar...fill to top of widest part of jar for largest air surface area. 
  • Add the 1/4 cup of Kombucha from previous brew or white vinegar, don't stir
  • Lay your Kombucha Scoby on is okay if it sinks
  • Put a coffee filter over the top, seal with a rubber band to keep out fruit flies that will be attracted to the brew. 
  • Never seal closed with a lid, it needs air circulation and the jar may explode or break during the fermentation process. 
  • Put on a shelf with subdued light, where there is little air movement, and temperature is about 70+ degrees 
  • Let it ferment for about 7 days - do not move during that time
When your tea is ready, strain through cheese cloth other mesh material into your storage container...preferably glass...and put in the refrigerator. 

As it is fermenting, a new starter will grow on top of the liquid, or attached to the original starter mushroom.  When your done, you'll have a starter for your next brew, and one to give away or double up your amount.

To read more about Kombucha you can also visit my article Kombucha Tea - A Healthy Fermented Drink.

Updated 4/12/16

Start out by drinking only about 1/4 cup a day, split between the morning and evening. If you have no detox symptoms you may want to increase the amount. People have been known to drink 1-3 cups a day, but everyone is different. 

If you prefer, you can purchase a Kombucha starter kit online.

Apr 15, 2013

Aged Cheese and Lactose Intolerance

Last night my husband and I were driving home from an event and stopped to pick up a quick dinner at a favorite drive-through.  I love their salads, but had to ask them to leave off the cheese, then came home and added some of my own cheese from our refrigerator.  It is necessary for me to do this because I'm VERY lactose intolerant.  It can mean spending a miserable day the next day if I accidentally eat something that contains lactose. 

I LOVE cheese, whether it be an extra-sharp cheddar or an Italian cheese that you purchase in the store or online to be grated and added to, or put on top of, your favorite Italian pasta dish.

Generally, the longer a cheese is aged, the less lactose it contains.  The bacteria used in aging and curing, including Lactobacillus, break down the lactose in the cheese, so naturally the longer the cheese ages, the better.  These cheeses might include your hard Parmesans, well aged cheddar, and similar cheeses. 

When you visit a site and are interested in a cheese they are offering, and no information is provided regarding lactose intolerance, contact the owner and inquire.  By doing so, more and more sellers of cheese will be be inclined to add this important information to their sites, packaging and advertising material.

Updated 4/12/16
When shopping in the store, I only purchase cheeses that are marked "Lactose Free" or with something indicating there is no lactose on the label. Just because one brand sells a particular cheese with no lactose doesn't mean another does.

Feb 27, 2013

Top Diet Plans - Which is Best?

It is the time of year when the latest and greatest diet plans are the topic of television and magazine ads, and time for those of us who tend to gain weight over cold winter months (if you live in such a climate) are thinking of Spring and losing that weight.

Personally, I try to keep things simple...walking is my favorite form of exercise, to which I want to add some muscle toning exercises this year, and I use simple tools to keep me focused on how much I'm eating.  As soon as I start tracking what I eat, and see how the calories add up during the day, I quickly realize how easily we get off track and eat more than we should.  It seems to be in our nature, and hard to control in a super-size-it society.  

I was listening to a weight loss ad just this week, I believe it was Weight Watchers, and the woman started out by saying she had gained weight when she moved here from Russia because a portion size is SOOO much larger here in America.

Let me provide you, once again, with a couple of resources I've taken some time to write that many have found helpful, in the order of their popularity:

Replacing Nutrisystem with your Own Foods - this is a loaded page with many tools and links to tools to help you, plus information about many of the popular diets that are out there all in one place.

Portion Control with Meal Measure - a very simple way to get a handle on portion size.  There are several portion control items featured.

Wishing you the best as you seek to keep yourself at a healthy weight. And be encouraged, you don't have to look like a toothpick to be a healthy weight...recent studies show that a little extra weight can actually be good for you.

Updated 4/3/16

Feb 14, 2013

Strawberries look like Valentines

Just a short post to wish you a very happy and healthy Valentine's Day.  

As I was looking at the picture of the Strawberries in the header of this blog, I thought about how much like the heart a strawberry standing on it's end looks.  In fact the Raspberries in the picture in this post are similar. Did you ever notice?  They are pretty little fruits.  In a few short months, Strawberries will be "in season", but some of you are enjoying some strawberries dipped in chocolate today, perhaps.  And toward the middle of the summer, our wild Raspberry bushes will be producing, I dream of such days, when the warm weather returns.

Updated 4/3/16

As I have mentioned before, February is also National Heart Health Month, we have many posts on this blog about caring for the heart.  If you visit this link, it will lead you to one post with links to several posts about the heart, including my husband's challenges with heart disease.

Jan 12, 2013

Do you have a Granite Kitchen Counter?

If you do have granite counter-tops in your kitchen, I am jealous. We are still in the market for a new work surface in the kitchen, and granite or similar hard surface is high on the list of possibilities.

Granite is a compressed once-molten stone formed under the earths surface.  It is a great kitchen work surface because it is hard to scratch and mar stone.  It is a surface you can set a hot pan on without worrying about whether it will discolor or even melt the surface.  It is a surface you should be able to cut with a knife on, though I don't think I'd do this all the time because it will dull the surface of a good knife.  I'd still use a cutting board most of the time.  But if you do so very occasionally, you don't have to worry about cut marks in the surface of your counter.

Granite surfaces should be very easy to keep clean as well. 

Not only is it a practical surface, but it's one that is appealing to the eye.  One that can be purchased with a nice polished shine to it, and there are a variety of colors..personally, I would go for natural earth tones, as this is what I love, living in a log home in the country as we do.

I do love the idea of a stone surface like this, and will let you know when we finally settle on the counter top of our dreams, granite or otherwise. 

Updated 4/3/16

Did you get the flu or get the vaccine this year?

They say the flu is now at epidemic proportions, as it is widespread in almost every state in the United States. So far it has not touched our family, but it could be very serious if it did, as my husband has heart issues.

It was the flu he had a few years back (even though he had a flu shot) that put his heart out of rhythm again, and it's been that way since. He is also a Diabetic. Each year he has the flu shot because he has heart issues and Diabetes, while I tend to put it off. Though there is not a 100% guarantee that you won't get the flu if you have the shot, it does reduce the likelihood depending upon the strain of flu that is going around.

I work from home, and am not one to spend a lot of time in large crowds, so don't feel the urgency...but am considering having it done when I go for my physical this week. They say that the flu will peak in a few weeks, so there is still time to have the shot. The doctor's offices around here are out of them, but the pharmacies and chains like Walgreens, etc., offer them in our area.

I do follow the practical guidelines of washing hands regularly and always before eating, after shaking hands, after touching things that have been touched by others, and always have a hand sanitiser with me, though I don't rely on it 100%. I refuse to spend time around sick people, which is easy for me to do as I don't work outside the home. Did you have a flu shot this year? Have you had a case of the flu? Let us know about your experience in a comment.

Updated 4/3/16

Jan 7, 2013

Lactose Milk and Dairy Free Chocolate for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is not far off, and for people like me who are lactose intolerant, finding chocolate that is dairy free can be a challenge. Being lactose intolerant is a challenge, believe me! I'm not one of the lucky ones who benefits from using Lactaid or other products that are supposed to contain the enzymes needed to digest my foods. When I get dairy, even relatively small amounts, it takes me 24 hours of feeling sick, strange and miserable before I get back to normal. I describe it as feeling like I've been poisoned. Valentines Day is coming, and I wanted to provide you with a link to a sources for Lactose, Dairy and Milk Free Chocolate Candy. Please stop by and find something to give to someone you love.

Updated 4/3/16