Jan 12, 2013

Did you get the flu or get the vaccine this year?

They say the flu is now at epidemic proportions, as it is widespread in almost every state in the United States. So far it has not touched our family, but it could be very serious if it did, as my husband has heart issues.

It was the flu he had a few years back (even though he had a flu shot) that put his heart out of rhythm again, and it's been that way since. He is also a Diabetic. Each year he has the flu shot because he has heart issues and Diabetes, while I tend to put it off. Though there is not a 100% guarantee that you won't get the flu if you have the shot, it does reduce the likelihood depending upon the strain of flu that is going around.

I work from home, and am not one to spend a lot of time in large crowds, so don't feel the urgency...but am considering having it done when I go for my physical this week. They say that the flu will peak in a few weeks, so there is still time to have the shot. The doctor's offices around here are out of them, but the pharmacies and chains like Walgreens, etc., offer them in our area.

I do follow the practical guidelines of washing hands regularly and always before eating, after shaking hands, after touching things that have been touched by others, and always have a hand sanitiser with me, though I don't rely on it 100%. I refuse to spend time around sick people, which is easy for me to do as I don't work outside the home. Did you have a flu shot this year? Have you had a case of the flu? Let us know about your experience in a comment.

Updated 4/3/16

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