Feb 27, 2013

Top Diet Plans - Which is Best?

It is the time of year when the latest and greatest diet plans are the topic of television and magazine ads, and time for those of us who tend to gain weight over cold winter months (if you live in such a climate) are thinking of Spring and losing that weight.

Personally, I try to keep things simple...walking is my favorite form of exercise, to which I want to add some muscle toning exercises this year, and I use simple tools to keep me focused on how much I'm eating.  As soon as I start tracking what I eat, and see how the calories add up during the day, I quickly realize how easily we get off track and eat more than we should.  It seems to be in our nature, and hard to control in a super-size-it society.  

I was listening to a weight loss ad just this week, I believe it was Weight Watchers, and the woman started out by saying she had gained weight when she moved here from Russia because a portion size is SOOO much larger here in America.

Let me provide you, once again, with a couple of resources I've taken some time to write that many have found helpful, in the order of their popularity:

Replacing Nutrisystem with your Own Foods - this is a loaded page with many tools and links to tools to help you, plus information about many of the popular diets that are out there all in one place.

Portion Control with Meal Measure - a very simple way to get a handle on portion size.  There are several portion control items featured.

Wishing you the best as you seek to keep yourself at a healthy weight. And be encouraged, you don't have to look like a toothpick to be a healthy weight...recent studies show that a little extra weight can actually be good for you.

Updated 4/3/16

Feb 14, 2013

Strawberries look like Valentines

Just a short post to wish you a very happy and healthy Valentine's Day.  

As I was looking at the picture of the Strawberries in the header of this blog, I thought about how much like the heart a strawberry standing on it's end looks.  In fact the Raspberries in the picture in this post are similar. Did you ever notice?  They are pretty little fruits.  In a few short months, Strawberries will be "in season", but some of you are enjoying some strawberries dipped in chocolate today, perhaps.  And toward the middle of the summer, our wild Raspberry bushes will be producing, I dream of such days, when the warm weather returns.

Updated 4/3/16

As I have mentioned before, February is also National Heart Health Month, we have many posts on this blog about caring for the heart.  If you visit this link, it will lead you to one post with links to several posts about the heart, including my husband's challenges with heart disease.