Mar 11, 2013

Well Water vs. Bottled Water or Fountains

My home is in a rural area that does not yet have town water running into it, so all of the homes use well water.  This is true for many in surrounding areas, except for those who live closer to the centre of town. 

Well water may sound too many like a dream compared to city water with chlorine, but I will tell you that when there are many homes around you and septic systems are also in use, it isn't necessarily all that you would hope.  

My daughter's solution was to get a water cooler and bottled water from a popular company in the area, and ours is to purchase bottled water by the case. We cook and bath with our tap water, but I just don't trust it for drinking. It tastes good, but there are times after heavy prolonged rains or the occasional hurricane that it has tasted bad when the water table is upset.  

So to take the worry out of it, we drink bottled water. Schools, stores, businesses and many large institutions in our area use water fountains or drinking fountains. In some cases they can come with filters that take impurities out of the water. We are still considering the bottled water solution for our home, with taps that provide both hot and cold water.  When you think about it, this is a healthier solution whether your water is well water or town water, because you reduce the amount of chlorine in the water this way.  

How is the drinking water where you live?

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