Apr 29, 2013

GMO Foods May Decline Naturally

GMO foods or foods altered with genetically modified organisms may make a natural decline. We love foods in their natural state, and seeing news like this is exciting, because it reminds us that when man tries to do something to disrupt the natural course of nature, there are consequences. God created the earth with a natural order, and we've been turning it upside down in so many ways for hundreds and thousands of years.  With technology our ability to wreak havoc has increased in pace. We truly are our own enemies. 

Following is a short paragraph from an email I received today: "While consumers fight for labeling, and activists publicize the adverse health effects of consuming genetically engineered food, it looks like the genetically engineered seed industry may be taken down by the most powerful force of all: economics. 

"Some U.S. farmers are considering returning to conventional seed after increased pest resistance and crop failures resulted in smaller yields globally for GMO crops compared to their non-GMO counterparts. 

"Farmers in the U.S. pay about $100 more per acre for GM seed. Many have begun questioning 'whether they will continue to see benefits from using GMs," according to Farmers Weekly - 2/6/13. 

"Countries around the world that do not use GM seed are outperforming U.S. Farmers." 

Updated 4/12/16

For much more on the GMO issue, visit gmoinside.org. You will also find a link to free a GMO Free Food List and app plus info and opinions from people on both sides of the issue at GMO Free or Non-GMO Food Lists and Information Sources.


  1. Oh Wow, this is VERY ENCOURAGING news!

  2. Yes, if true it is. Though the government seems to be on the side of those who continue to cause the problem.