May 15, 2013

E - H Restaurant Menu and Nutrition Fact Guides

In this post I'm picking up from where we left off with links to more menus and nutrition guides to popular family restaurants and fast food eateries.  It isn't a comprehensive list, but I'm happy to add more restaurants if one you are looking for is missing, just contact me through a comment.

I decided to collect this information for myself due to my struggle with lactose intolerance.  I have some of the most common places we eat saved to my tablet which comes with me everywhere I go for quick reference.  When my husband and I decide we'd like to go to dinner somewhere, I look through the nutrition facts for those items on the menu that contain dairy and plan my meal before we go.  It saves me having to ask hundreds of questions at the restaurant.

So, we did a list of Restaurants from A - D, now we pick up on those from E - H, and as always, contact me in a comment if the restaurant you are looking for is not listed:

Fridays (T.G.I. Fridays) Nutrition Information pdf

Friendly's Nutrition and Allergy Menu Info. 

Fuddruckers Nutrition

Golden Corral Menu
Golden Corral Allergens List (provided by Branson Golden Corral, but may apply to all)

Houlihan's Menu
Houlihan's Nutrition Information

Updated 4/12/16  
I'll be back soon to add more restaurant menus and allergy nutrition guides.


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