Oct 10, 2013

Are You Still Living with a Dysfunctional Gallbladder?

I was looking back at old posts to this blog, and discovered that one of my very first posts was about flushing stones from the gallbladder, something I did for years, and then my experience with gallbladder surgery.  

The gallbladder has much to do with food as it has a role in aiding in the digestion of certain foods, especially fats.

First, it was humbling to see how many years had gone by since my first post to this blog..where does the time go? 

The picture you see in this post shows actual gallstones that I flushed from my gallbladder, if you'd like to read my story, click this link which will lead you to both of my stories, one about cleansing the gallbladder, and the other about what gallbladder surgery is like...from my personal experience...with a bit of sarcasm and a smile.

Don't worry, the links will open up new pages so you don't lose this one.

Personal copyrighted photo...you may use it if you provide a link back to this page.

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