Jun 16, 2014

A Diet that is Lowering My Blood Pressure

My doctor expressed concern about my blood pressure levels at my last annual physical, and did what doctors do, prescribed a medication for me to try.  I tried it, and felt quite sick, so we tried another, and I had strange symptoms with that one.  Yes, I am one of those difficult patients because my body does not handle medications very well, so I have to find alternatives.

I never had to think about my blood pressure in the past, it was always good, but according to my doctor, the blood pressure goes up with age.  Still, I want to put off taking medications for as long as I can, if not forever, so did my homework, and found a diet that many already know about, the DASH diet.  DASH stands for Dietary Solutions to Stop Hypertension.

I am having some success reducing my blood pressure with this diet.  It has become a popular way to lose weight for some as well, but by adjusting quantities of types of foods most of you eat as part of your diet anyway, you will get the proper amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium to improve your blood pressure.  

I went into greater detail about how I started, and free online resources available to help in another article, Information on How to Start the DASH Diet. I hope this will be helpful to those of you who, like me, want to lower blood pressure naturally.

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