Oct 24, 2015

We Tried a Keurig and are Back to Drip Coffee Maker

This isn't a review, necessarily, just a personal experience related to using a Keurig vs an automatic drip coffee maker.

A while back, there was a very special offer made to Kindle Fire owners to buy a Keurig for only $20 dollars, including a box of K-cups. It was an unbelievable deal, so we went for it. 

Before that time, we used the usual automatic drip coffee maker. After about a month of using the Keurig, we decided that it was tedious making single cups every time we wanted a cup of coffee. We missed brewing a big pot of our favorite brand and having a pot full of coffee available to pour from throughout the day. 

So, what did we do? We packed up the Keurig for storage and put back the automatic drip coffee maker, and haven't use the Keurig since except for a special occasion or two. We use it for company, but have no interest in using it on a regular basis.

I know we may be odd folks to some who love the newest appliances, but we are just too old school, I guess. Just yesterday I got a sample of soup that could be made with a Keurig by putting the dried veggies and noodles into a cup, and all that is in the K-cup is broth...now how is that any easier than putting a single packet with all of the ingredients in a cup and adding water boiled in a tea kettle? 

Don't get me wrong, I love some technological advances, but others cause more trouble and trash to pollute the environment than I'm interested in dealing with. 

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  1. Very interesting "review." My husband prefers a simple 1-cup drip coffee maker and refuses a Keurig. He's the coffee drinker in the family, so we don't need a big pot each day, just one nice-sized cup. I think there's an element of what I'll call peer pressure when it comes to new, faddish appliances such as a Keurig. (Of course it doesn't hurt that their marketing is outstanding.) Glad you didn't cave to the pressure.

  2. I can understand your husbands point of view...esp if he is the only coffee drinker. You are right about faddish appliances...they are fun for awhile...until the next fad :-)