Dec 16, 2015

Coffee for Anxious People

You may be expecting me to talk about caffeine free coffee, but for me, coffee made from Arabica Beans is perfect for those of us who have become sensitive as a result of dealing with the consequences of the stresses of life. 

It is better for those who are more inclined toward anxiety than others. If, like myself, you are one of those people, you do not need the extra jitters that come from the amount of caffeine in many coffees.

When I order a cup of coffee or buy coffee in the store, I look right past the packaging and everything else to whether or not the coffee is Arabica Bean Coffee

While many are out looking for coffee that packs a punch, I'm just looking for a refreshing wake-up or lift that doesn't send my heart into palpitations and cause me to feel anxious. 

The reason that coffee made from Arabica Beans is better for anxious people is that, in general, it contains a little more than half the amount of caffeine found in other types of coffee that have not had he caffeine removed.

For me it's simple, the proof is in the fact that I can drink it while I can't drink "regular" coffee. And my husband and I prefer the flavor. 

Disclaimer: If you have been told by your doctor not to drink coffee because of it's affect on your heart, I would not try this unless you have discussed it with your doctor. 

Image Credit: Petr Kratochvil - Public Domain Pictures

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